PDF Spectra Book:  Commercially Pure Binary Oxides   Vol. 2   (Ag2O-Au2O3  demo)      
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                 " Binary Metal Oxides "                

These samples are from the Electronic PDF version of Handbook Volume #2A & 2B
NOTE:  Spectra in the paper version of the Handbooks do not have the annotations seen in these PDFs.

Demo Version
"Commercially Pure
Binary Oxides"
Silver (I) Oxide
Aluminum Oxide
PDF Spectra Book - Vol. 2
This 172 page demo version includes survey, princicpal metal signal, O 1s, C 1s, valence bands, secondary metal signals, Auger signals, detailed surface composition table and lots of links to 3 access tables.
PDF Spectra - "Ag2O"
  Conductive - pressed pellet
Ag 3d5 BE:  367.6 eV
FWHM:  1.00 eV
Advent. C 1s BE:  284.3 eV
PDF Spectra - "Al2O3"
  Non-conductive - fused sheet
Al 2p3 BE:  75.7 eV
FWHM:  1.39 eV
Advent. C 1s BE:  286.3 eV
(mesh-screen at 1 mm)
PDF Spectra - "As2O3"
  Non-conductive - pressed pellet
As 3d5 BE:  45.3 eV
FWHM:  1.26 eV
Advent. C 1s BE:  285.0 eV
(mesh-screen at 1 mm)

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PDF Spectra - "Au2O3"
  Semi-conductive - pressed pellet
Au 4f7 BE:  85.1 eV
FWHM:  1.37 eV
Advent. C 1s BE:  285.1 eV

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