Slide-Shows from "Spectral Data Processor v2.3"                  

          Each slide (30-40 kB) uses 800 x 600 pixels, and is best viewed on a 1024 x 768 screen.         

To test a complete Live version of SDP v7.0 for seven (7) days, send a request by E-mail to:
Your test copy of SDP v7.0 will be sent by E-mail (2 MB).
A purchased copy of SDP v7.0 includes 27 self-training movies that make learning how to operate SDP fast and easy.

SDP v7.0 has many more functions and an improved user interface.  Movies are under development.

Find & ID Find & Identify Peak-Fitting Peak-Fitting Desk-Top-Publishing DTP Import & Export Files File Import
& Export

Find & Identify 
Shows 19 software screens used to find, integrate, and identify the peaks that appear in wide scan survey spectra or narrow scan high energy resolution spectra.  Shows "Atom % Composition Table". 

Shows 12 software screens that appear when Peak-Fitting high resolution XPS spectraAlso shows the advanced  "Peak-fit Table" which controls all peak-fit parameters. 

Shows 13 software screens  used to make displays that can be saved, printed, captured, or exported as  Bitmap Images for talks, publications or overhead transparencies.  With XI SDP Viewer, spectra in PowerPoint and Word can be modified as needed.

File Import / Export 
Shows 16 software screens which are used to import or export ISO, ASCII or VAMAS spectra.  Also includes the SDP file format that saves all data, annotations and labels to permanent memory.

Main Menus Main Menus Modify & Scale Display Modify & Scale Display Depth Profiles Depth Profiles DEMO Movies of 
Software Operation

Main Menus
Shows 9 software screens which are the pull-down menus in SDP v2.3.  These menus  reveal  the main processing functions provided in SDP v2.3.  Sub-menus are shown in other slideshows.

Modify & Scale Display
Shows 12 software screens of the different ways to modify the raw data.  Includes X-Y scaling, smoothing, differentiation, math functions, and editing of description or parameters. 

Depth Profiles 
Shows 10 software screens of the basic displays that make up the Depth Profile processing routines. Shows the 2D and 3D viewing capabilities, and standard processing steps.

Live DEMOs of SDP v2.3
Jump to list of audio-visual movies that can be downloaded.  Each is 5-10 minutes in length and takes 5-8 MB of memory.   Lotus ScreenCam movies run on NT, 98, or 95.

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