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If you answer all of the guest registration and instrument information questions, we will send you a free PDF copy of our new "Fundamental XPS Data Table for Peak-fitting" by E-mail. 
One of our company goals is to make practical tools and data tables just for XPS, AES and ToF-SIMS users.  Your feedback will help us help you. 

Guest Registration  (helps us to communicate by E-mail)

Family Name   (CRIST,
Personal Name   (Vince, Jane, William
Company, University, Institute   (XPS International)
Name of Department, Group or Building   (Physics, Chemistry, Analysis Lab, Solar Cells  
Title (e.g. Analyst, Professor, Manager, Student, Mad Scientist...)   (Albert Einstein,
Country   (USA)
E-mail Address:   bvcrist@xpsdata.com  
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Instrument and Software Information  (helps us to help you)

Which XPS instrument(s) do you have? (PHI 5800, Quantum 2000, Kratos 165, Kratos Ultra, SSI S-Probe, ESCALab MkII, Theta-Probe, Scienta 300, Leybold, Shimadzu, AEI 200, McPherson, HP 5950, VG 220i-XL)
Which AES instrument(s) do you have?   (VG MicroLab, VG 310F, VG 350F, PHI 600, PHI 680, JEOL 7830, JAMP 10)
Which ToF-SIMS instrument do you have? (TRIFT 1, TRIFT 2, TRIFT 4, Ion-ToF, VG TOF)
Materials you routinely analyze? (steel, polymers, ceramics, semiconductors
Do you do a lot of argon ion depth profiling? Yes    No
What version is your instrument software?   (Multi-Pak v4.0, Multi-Pak v8.0, S-Probe 1.36, Eclipse 2.0, Avantage 3.1)
Does your instrument software export ASCII text files to Excel or other software?        Yes    No
Does your instrument software export ISO-14976 text files?        Yes    No
What standalone software do you use to process your spectra?            Origin, Igor Pro, Mathmatica, SDP, CasaXPS,Peak-Fit, Excel,
Do you paste your spectra into MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint or other software to write reports?  Yes    No
Do your use NIST SRD-20 v3.4 Database of BEs?        Yes    No

Should we send information about XI Products and Databases by E-mail.    YES NO
Should we send information about XI Products and Databases by surface mail.    YES NO

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