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XPS International (XI)  

XPS International, LLC (XI LLC) makes and sells spectral database systems monochromatic XPS data through resellers around the world and as an OEM supplier.  XI, LLC also sells XPS accessories such as: handbooks, training movies, spectral data processing software, PDF spectral books, wall charts specialized tools, technical consulting and student training. 

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The SpecMaster Digital XPS Spectral Data-Base system and related products are the result of 15 years of planning and research by the founder.  SpecMaster is designed to help scientists, engineers, problem solvers and teachers, who need reliable XPS spectral data,  advanced spectral data processing software, handbooks and charts for the development of products and the education of students. 

Handbook versions with 2,000+ spectra are published as a 5 volume set of spectra handbooks titled: "Handbooks of Monochromatic XPS Spectra".   Additional volumes are planned.  Fully annotated and labeled, on-screen, PDF versions of all 5 handbooks are being prepared. PDF Books of Vol 1A and 2A are currently available.  XI LLC sells spectral data processing software, self-training movies, wall charts of useful XPS data, provides technical training, training seminars and small accessories for XPS.

XPS International currently has more than 300 academic, government and industrial users including, for example:  Stanford University (USA), Intel Corporation (USA), Canon Corporation (Japan), National Research Institute for Metals (Japan), British Aerospace (England) and Fraunhofer Institute (Germany). 

XPS International has sales representatives in Japan, France, Spain, Korea, Italy, England, Russia and the USA, who are serving the needs of XPS and AES scientists and engineers in those regions of the world.  

XPS International is currently developing "Spectral Data Processor" (SDP) v.5.0 that will provide advanced spectral data processing for XPS and AES spectra obtained from various XPS and AES instruments by importing either the ISO - VAMAS format (ISO #14976) originally published by the Martin P. Seah at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in England or simple X-Y-Z ASCII text files from custom-made XPS and Synchrotron data systems.  This newest version of SDP will help users to process and publish their spectra in a variety of high quality presentation formats that are readily imported into word processing software and various desk-top-publishing (DTP) software. 

Version 7.0 of the "Spectral Data Processor" software that runs on Windows10, 8, 7 and XP was released at the beginning of 2012.  SDP is constantly being improved and expanded for your convenience to process and publish your valuable AES & XPS spectra.  We, as a company, welcome your comments and suggestions about products needed by XPS and AES users worldwide.

The founder of XPS International is B. Vincent Crist, after completing his Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry (major) and inorganic chemistry (minor), has been in the business of XPS since 1983, when he joined Surface Science Laboratories in Mountain View, California, USA.  He has published various papers on XPS and AES, a Handbook series for XPS, and has been invited to present seminars on applied and practical aspects of XPS in various countries around the world. 

The founder is a member of the American Vacuum Society (AVS), has served as a secretary within the International Standards Organization (ISO) technical sub-committee on Surface Chemical Analysis (TC/201), is a member of the Surface Analysis Society of Japan (SASJ),  is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and is a member of the E-42 section of the American Standards for Testing and Materials (ASTM). 

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