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 Handbooks of Monochromatic XPS Spectra  -  PDF versions from the XI Library of XPS Spectra  (US Reg'd TX 4-560-881)1
  Landscape format, 11x8.5 inches, Letter size.  Includes full analysis details, instrument information, TOC, index, survey spectra are fully labeled, high resolution spectra peak-fitted but not charge corrected.


Item Name

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Item # Price
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Vol. 1 PDF

The Elements and Native Oxides - PDF copy   (660 pages)      BK-1-PDF $520*  
Vol. 2 PDF Commercially Pure Binary Oxides -       PDF copy    (830 pages)   Sample pages BK-2-PDF $585*  
Vol. 3 PDF Semiconductors  -  PDF copy         (545 pages)     Sample pages  BK-3-PDF $575*  
Vol. 4 PDF Polymers and Polymers Damaged by X-rays  - PDF copy   (454 pages)    Sample pages BK-4-PDF $560*  
Vol. 5 PDF REOs, Hydroxides, Carbonates, Nitrides, Sulfides... PDF copy  (551 pages) Sample pages


5 PDFs Set Complete Five (5) Volume Set   simple PDF copies of all volumes



PDFs of All 5 Volumes    PDF copies of all 5 Volumes (Vol 1-5)   PDF-SET-1 $2,500  

*PDFs will be delivered by E-mail or Download   


PDF Spectra Handbooks  -   Fully Annotated & Labeled Monochromatic Spectra
High energy resolution spectra are fully annotated with chemical state assignments.  Charge corrected, if needed to C 1s at 285.0 eV.   Survey scans are fully labeled.  Each page includes info on reference energies and peak shapes.  Extensive Hyper-links provide easy movement between the Periodic Table indexes, the spectra and information sections.  


Item Name

Full Description

Item # Price  
PDF - Vol. 1A Native Oxides of the Elements - Fully Annotated & Labeled    (Printable,  in color, 658 pages)


PDF - Vol. 2A Commercially Pure Binary Oxides, Hydroxides and Carbonates - Fully Annotated & Labeled     (Printable, 960 pages) PDF-2A $300  
Cost of Shipping included in price.

Charts of Fundamental XPS Data for Peak-fitting  - Colorful Periodic Tables For Walls and Desks
        Filled with reliable BEs and FWHMs from pure elements, binary oxides and other compounds.  Cost of shipping included for smaller charts.
Item Name Full Description Item # / Part # Price  

11x17" - laminated

Fundamental XPS Data for Peak-fitting  - laminated - 11x17 inch  XPS-DC-2 $100  
4 x 6 ft - thick flexible plastic Fundamental XPS Data for Peak-fitting  - with 4 grommet holes for hanging - 4x6 ft  XPS-WC-3 $850*  
*Cost of shipping depends on distance:  Cost varies from $20 to $100.  These items are shipped by US mail, DHL or FedEx.  If you have a FedEx or DHL account, tell us your account number to save some shipping cost.

 SpecMaster Data-Base Systems - Digital Database Systems of Monochromatic XPS Spectra  
Includes 54 SDP training movies on CD-ROM.
Item Name Full Description Item # / Part # New Price  
SpecMaster Std SpecMaster Standard  8,500 spectra from Library 1SDP v8.0   DB-Std $3,290  
SpecMaster Max SpecMaster Max  50,000 spectra Libraries 1 & 2SDP v8.0 plus PDF Spectra Handbooks Vol 1 & 2  DB-Max $4,390  
SpecMaster Pro SpecMaster PRO  70,000 spectra in Libraries 1 & 2SDP v8.0,  PDF versions      of Handbooks Vol 1-5, free SDP upgrades,
plus PDF Spectra Handbooks Vol 1 and Vol 2
 DB-Pro   $6,690**  
**Cost of shipping depends on distanc:  Shipping Cost varies from $150 to $500


 Movies - Student Training Movies for Processing XPS Spectra
54 Training movies provide on-screen, computer-based, audio-visual lessons (5-10 min each) on how to import spectra, export spectra, operate software and process spectra.  The movies cover the basics of producing atom % results from surveys and the peak-fitting of high energy resolution spectra.  Advice on chemical state identification and charge correction is included.  All lessons are provided on a CD-ROM and shipped by air-mail.   4 sample movies for SDP.

Item Name Full Description Item # / Part # US Price ($)  
Movies - SDP Set of 54 Training Movies for SDP                        Each lesson is 5-10 minutes in length. MOV-SDP $500 per set  
 Cost of Shipping included in price.  

Software  -  Spectral Data Processor (SDP) v8.0
     Processes XPS, AES, Synchrotron, UPS and ASCII based text spectra from other analytical techniques (XRD, PL etc.). Runs on Windows 10 or Intel Duo Mac;  includes 27 user self-training movies on CD-ROM.
SDP v8 imports and exports (save-as) ISO, VAMAS, NPL, CasaXPS data-files SDP v8 also imports and exports XY and XYZ ASCII. SDP v8 also imports many instrument file formats in ASCII file format.
Item Name Full Description Item # / Part # US Price ($)  
SDP v8.0 - 2 years Spectral Data Processor  SDP v8.0   (single user license, 2 years, 2 replacements)   SDP-4 $510  
SDP - add-on-1 Additional single user License of SDP v8.0  (for existing users  (per license)   SDP-5 $250  
SDP-replacement Replacement license - 3 months after original purchase SDP-RPL $300  
Shipping Cost:  $35



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