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Designed to advance the user's analysis capabilities and knowledge.  ($25-$100)
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System Performance Checks Nuts & Bolts of
XPS in

8 Pages
Market Overview

(20 pages)
Chemical States by High Energy Resolution AES

Characterization of New XPS System (5 MB)
The complete 150 page report reveals the tests needed to learn if a new or newly installed XPS system is working properly or has problems with energy scale linearity, count rate, systematic noise, focus vs cts, X-ray stability, transmission function, energy resolution and charge compensation. The first 15 pages of the full report (included here) list the problems and characteristics of this new XPS system. ($100)

Nuts & Bolts of XPS  (2 MB PDF)
This 8 page highly condensed summary of the nuts and bolts of XPS lists the:  limits, strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, physics, sample spectra, profiles, guide to select tool, XPS vs other tools, common contaminants, high energy res spectra explanation, damage, charge-up, chemical state profiling and summaries of measurements of chemical vs physical features & problems. ($25)

Overview of XPS Market (1 MB PDF)
This 20 page overview contains many of the details to be considered when purchasing a new XPS or AES instrument. There are many other factors that need to be considered.  A more detailed overview is now being prepared.  For additional information and advice please contact ($25)

Chemical States by AES  (5 MB  PDF)
The table of contents (p2) reveals the full contents of this 48 page presentation. A limited number of pages (16) shows some of the details provided in this advanced presentation. The take-home lesson from this talk is the ability of high energy resolution AES systems, equipped with a HSA (CHA), to provide not only chemical state information, but also the ability of REELS to characterize, map or profile insulator with no problems. ($50)

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