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Movies that Teach the Basics of XPS
(Each of the 27 movies occupies 5-10 MB and runs for 5-10 minutes.)

These movies teach the basic methods needed to process XPS spectra 
($195/set of 27 or $25/movie).

Main Menus
Find & Identify

Main Menus  (4 min, 4 MB)
This movie shows and discusses the main menus.  To view the sub-menus we need to download the other movies.

Find & Identify  (6 min, 6 MB)
This movie shows the routine methods for finding and identifying the peaks in a wide scan survey spectrum.  It discusses atom% results and related aspects.

Desk-Top-Publishing  (9 min, 9 MB)
This movie shows how to change the fonts, colors, line thickness, annotation, and other features used to write papers or give talks.

Overlay  (6 min, 6 MB)
This movie shows how to make overlays and to make a tiled display and how to capture the overlay for pasting.

These 27 Movies Teach the Basics of XPS:  Atom %s, Peak Identify, Peak-Fitting and More.

The  complete set of the 27 movies  is now available as a separate product.  Individual movies cost $25/movie.
These 27 movies quickly pay for themselves by assisting students to learn the basics of processing XPS spectra ($195).

Movies based on Multi-Pak v8.0 and Avantage v3.1 are in prep.


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