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The "XI" Logo


The XPS International (XI) Logo
Our company logo, shown here, resembles the Greek letter "gamma" written c.  The X-like shape of this Greek letter is similar, in shape, to the letter "X" which is the first letter of the acronym, XPS. The blue-green coloring of this X is meant to represent the initially peaceful state of the atom. The red dot at the top of the straight leg symbolizes the excited nature of the electron just after it was emitted from the photon-excited atom.  The straight leg with the the red dot at the top of it forms the letter  "i"  the first letter of  "International".

The straight, blue-green leg symbolizes the recoil path of the atomic core and, at the same time, the path of the emitted electron that occurs roughly at an angle of 90
to the incoming photon that appears as the wavy leg of the logo.  The wavy leg of the logo also represents the dual wave-particle nature of the incoming monochromatized X-ray photon that caused the electron to be emitted. 

The abbreviation "XI" is pronounced "kai" in honor of Kai Siegbahn (Sweden), who received the Nobel prize in 1981 for developing XPS into a useful analytical method.  The words "XPS" and "International" were chosen because I love XPS and because my family is truly international.



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