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SpecMaster Database Systems
Key Features & Merits


   Features & Merits by Design



  • 8,500+ Reference spectra from Spectral Library #1 of common materials (CM)

  • 32,000+ Practical Studies (PS) spectra in Spectral Library #2 designed for problem solving, problem avoidance, QC, R&D and teaching

  • Charge compensation by patented flood-gun mesh-screen combination provides pen-ultimate FWHM

  • Complete sets of correlated, practical-grade, monochromatic XPS reference spectra

  • Designed to be a practical tool for everyday use

  • Digital spectra provided in raw form together with processed results saved in memory

  • Detailed information on experimental conditions, samples, data and instrument

  • Energy calibration and system behavior well documented

  • Exclusively made with XPS systems manufactured by Surface Science Instruments (SSI)

  • Full access to original raw data

  • SDP, an integral part of SpecMaster, imports spectral data from other systems and techniques (eg XRD, PL...)

  • Includes full-featured, advanced data processing software, “Spectral Data Processor” v4.3 (32 bit)

  • Library of >40,000 reference spectra in >80 specialized and modular data directories

  • Living data directories that grow or shrink as needed

  • Logical file system uses easy-to-understand chemical names, chemical formula and/or common trade names

  • Logical organization by material classes, techniques, or research

  • Loose-leaf binders filled with >2,000 XPS spectra in 5 volume set of spectra handbooks

  • Modular design allows restructuring and copying as desired

  • Multi-purpose:  reference data, teaching, problem-solving etc.

  • Practical levels of S/N, S/B ratios, and energy resolution

  • Produced in reliable and self-consistent manner by a single scientist

  • Real world, practical quality spectra based on 12 years XPS experience

  • Self-consistent real world practical experimental conditions

  • Self-consistent single-source maximizes data reliability

  • Truly practical in design and content

  • User has total control to process all spectra by direct access to raw and processed data

  • Various practical studies serve as useful tool to teach self and others


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