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  VAMAS Viewer - ASCII Converter - Format Converter  

The VAMAS Viewer - ASCII Converter is used to view VAMAS files and to convert ASCII files from various makers into into the ISO approved VAMAS Standard DTF format.  

It also exports a simple two column "X-Y" ASCII format that can be readily imported by data analysis software such as:  Excel, Kaleidagraph, Igor Pro, Origin, SigmaPlot, Grams32, Lotus, 1-2-3, and others.

This program also saves files in an our advanced SDP binary file format, the XI-Binary file format (*.mrs) and the XI-ASCII file formats. 


Compatible Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, 98, 95. 3.11. 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • IBM OS/2 Warp v3.0 (OS/2-Win mode)
  • SoftWindows95/98 on PowerPC

Open File Browsing Functions

  • Use "Previous" or "Page Up" key to view previous spectra in a multi-spectra datafile
  • Use "Next" or "Page Down" key to view next spectra in a multi-spectra datafile

ASCII Files Imported & Converted

  • VAMAS Standard DTF (*.vms)
  • VAMAS Standard DTF (*.txt)
  • JEOL 9000 (*.txt)
  • Kratos 165, HS, Vision (*.des)
  • NPL VAMAS Standard DTF (*.vms)
  • NRIM ComPro 3.0->6.0 (*.npl)
  • NRIM ISO-VAMAS Standard DTF (*.npl)
  • Omicron SPECTRA-Presenter (*.#)
  • PHI 5500, 5600, 5700, 5800 (*.asc with *.inf)
  • PHI Multi-Pak (*.asc)
  • PHI Quantum 2000 (*.asc)
  • RBD AugerScan v2 (*.txt)
  • Scienta (*.txt)
  • SPECS LHS (*.#)
  • SPECS Sage (*.exp) using 8.3 DOS names
  • SPECTRA-Presenter (*.#)
  • SSI DOS-Based M- or S-Probe (*.mrs)
  • VG MicroTech VGX-900 (*.#)
  • VG version of VAMAS Standard DTF (*.txt)
  • Wild-Day (*.sp#)
  • XI-ASCII (*.mrs)
  • X-Y Generic (2 columns) (*.txt)
  • Number X-Y Generic (3 columns) (*.txt)

File Functions & Editing

  • Save open file as "X-Y" ASCII file
  • Save open file as VAMAS DTF ASCII file
  • Save open file as "XI" Binary / SSI Binary
  • Open any of the ASCII formats listed above
  • Print raw spectra to any Windows printer
  • Copy files to Clipboard for Paste to MS-Word etc
  • Drag & Drop files to see actual spectra
  • Savitzsky-Golay multi-point smoothing
  • Differentiation
  • Merge open files into one ASCII file
  • Delete spectrum from a multi-spectrum file
  • Save file with corrections, new descriptions and after any deletions
  • Un-Do
  • Multiply, Add, Subtract and Divide by Fixed Value

Drag & Drop (Open File) Features*

  • Drag a compatible file onto an empty, open window and all spectra in that file are automatically imported and displayed
  • Drag a new datafile onto a filled windows and a new window is automatically generated.

Printing Capabilities

  • Print to any Windows 3.1/95 compatible printer
  • Print "Landscape" or "Portrait" style
  • Print to different paper sizes (B5, A4, Letter…)
  • Print Multiple Spectra / Page via Copy/Paste-Special

Display Functions and Features

  • Y axis displays as total Electron Counts scale
  • X axis displays as either KE or BE (eV) scale
  • Zoom display (expand) by using mouse
  • Zoom display (expand) by using vertical cursors
  • Revert to original display
  • "X" Show All to show full BE scale
  • "Y" AutoScale automatically sets "Y" min-max
  • KE/BE Switch shows either KE and BE scales
  • Edit Comments displays file type in operator name
  • Edit Comments is used to edit sample description
  • Second comment line shows source path of file
  • Multiple spectra region number appears on menu bar
  • Individual spectra in multi-spectra file are displayed in different colors
  • Source path of file appears on menu bar
  • Display windows can be re-sized
  • Double click on menu bar expands display to full screen
  • Tiling and Cascading of all files Open
  • Copy and Print Multiple "Tiled" Spectra on 1 page by
    using "Paste-Special" command in MS-Word etc.

Other Functions

  • XPS Spectral Lines to Identify Signals
  • Help menu to explain capabilities
*VGX-900 files, PHI Multi-Pak, and PHI Quantum 2000  files must be opened manually using the "Open" command.