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Welcome to the XI Advice Corner

       Twenty-five years ago, when I was first learning about XPS, surface science, material science, and related topics, I found that I needed various bits of advice about XPS, surface science, vacuum science, and materials.   Over the past 25 years of being in the surface science business I have published 8 handbooks on XPS, a software called SDP, studied the theoretical aspects of surface chemistry and surface physics, designed websites, and analyzed the 40,000 spectra I collected. I've had various responsibilities and have taught myself about surface science, and XPS and AES instruments, which, of course, is a natural part of being an engineer or a scientist or a teacher.  I am ready to provide some free advice via this web site to try to help anyone who has various questions about XPS, AES, surface science, materials, vacuum, etc.   The topics that I am qualified to assist with are:


data interpretation,
    data collection methods,
    data quality,
    XPS courses,
    sample preparation,
    chemical state interpretation,
    charge compensation,
    charge referencing,
    advice about buying instruments,
    where to find useful surface science software,
    where to find paid analytical service companies,
    books and data-bases that are useful,
    reliability of existing data-bases, and more. 

Send a question or two and let's see what happens.   

      To understand our capabilities and experience, I must tell you a bit of history.  Over the past 25 years, I have worked as a Sr. Surface Scientist problem solver in the XPS lab at Surface Science Laboratories (SSL) in California for 3 years.  While living in Tokyo, Japan for 12 years, I worked as a demonstration/sales engineer and applications lab manager at Hakuto Co., Ltd. for 8 years, during which we sold 35 SSI XPS instruments.  As the Surface Systems Manager for VG Scientific (now inside Thermo Electron) in Japan for 2 years and the CEO of XPS International in Japan, we sold 32 VG AES and XPS instrument.  While in Japan, I started XPS International KK, which was converted to XPS International LLC after moving back to the USA in 1999.  On returning, I joined Ames Laboratory to run their AES lab.  About 6 years ago, we returned to California.  Here in California, I've worked for Seagate Technologies, Accurrel Systems, Applied Materials and Pacific Biosciences on a contract basis.

Serious Business Help & Assistance

       If you find that you need serious, long term assistance with XPS analyses or you need professional assistance buying an XPS or AES system best suited to your needs, then call us and we'll set up a buying assistance contract or 3 month technical support contract.

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