Movies of  "Spectral Data Processor"  in Action

Each movie occupies 5-10 MB and runs for 5-10 minutes.
These five movies explain the basic operation of SDP v2.3.
A full set of 27 movies is standard with any copy of SDP or SpecMaster Database system.

 Main Menus
File Import

Main Menus  (4 min, 4 MB)
This movie shows and discusses the main menus.  To view the sub-menus we need to download the other movies.

File Import (6 min, 6 MB)
This movie shows how to import and export spectra  or data tables and how to change importing options.

Desk-Top-Publishing  (9 min, 9 MB)
This movie shows how to change the fonts, colors, line thickness, annotation, and other features used to write papers or give talks.

Peak-Fitting  (9 min, 9 MB)
This movie shows the routine steps used to peak-fit a high energy resolutions narrow scan spectrum. It also shows some advanced steps.

These  movies of "SDP in Action" teach some of the basics of using SDP:   Data Import, Peak-Fitting, DTP  and more.
These movies help prospective buyers to learn how to perform simple operations with "SDP" v4.3.
To view additional self-training movies (see below) please contact:



This set of 27 movies play on your computer.  Each of the movies teaches just one lesson and takes 5-10 minutes time to watch.  A small control box appears that allows the user to pause the movie, restart the movie or close it.

 These movies teach the fundamentals of identifying the peaks shown in a survey scan, and how to generate atom % values.

Peak-fit training is presented as two movies:  the basics of adding a baseline, adding peaks and starting the peak-fit iterations in the first movie;  the second movie teaches some of the more advanced aspects of peak-fitting:  the size of the usual chemical shift, the importance of using FWHM and the use of peak-area ratios. 

Different movies discuss other basic, but essential details, including for example:  charge correction, depth profiles processing, removal of non-mono satellites, use of the spectral lines overlay and how to check the  transmission function on your instrument to make sure your getting reliable atom % compositions.




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