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Correlated Sets of Spectra
    SpecMaster Pro is the world's most extensive collection of self-consistent sets of reliable spectra.  Complete sets of correlated reference spectra are invaluable aids for R&D and problem solving. Spectra provide complete peak shape details, reliable BEs and FWHMs essential to optimizing peak-fits and chemical state assignments. View
The XI Library of XPS Spectra,© Spectral Libraries, Why We Made SpecMaster,  Chemical Index or PDF Spectra Books Auger Database of High Energy Resolution Chemical States!

XPS Spectra Handbooks 
  2,500 pages of Monochromatic XPS Spectra in five (5) loose-leaf, landscape binders:  The Elements & Native Oxides, Metal Oxides, Polymers & Damage, Semiconductors, Rare Earth Oxides, Hydroxides, Carbonates, Sulfides, Nitrides...
(Vol 1-5 $2,590-$4,580 +shipping)Two copies allowed. PDF on CD-ROM copies of the handbooks are also available.  

For fully annotated and complete chemical state assignments, you should buy the PDF Spectra Books:  Vol 1 & Vol 2.

"Spectral Data Processor"
     SDP v7.0 (32-bit) runs on Win 10, 8, 7 or XP; Imports & exports:  ASCII, XYZ, ISO 14976, Excel, VAMAS, synchrotron files and various binary files. Includes Auto-Tables, Chem State Peak-fitting, Auto-Find & Identify, and more. Designed to help with publishing and presentations. Includes 27 training movies. One copy is $1085. 
Request a fully functioning Live version of SDP v7.0 for a free 7-day trial  (5 MB). Version 7.0 is now standard. University discounts for SDP:  5%

How Much Does It Cost?
   Jump to this page to see the price list for SDP software, SpecMaster Systems, PDF Spectra Books, Paper Handbooks, Wall Charts etc.  Prices can be 10-30% higher in various countries.  Academic discounts are available.  Discounts for multiple copies ordered at the same time are available.  Cost of shipping books by Fedex varies from $200 to $600.

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XPS Services, PDFs, Charts

Digital XPS Database System
     SpecMaster Pro Database System include 70,000 Self-Consistent Monochromatic XPS Spectra from many hundreds of common materials (500 MB),
SDP 7.0 and PDF of Vol 1AView Spectral Libraries #1 & #2. SpecMaster Max offers 4,700+ data-files of correlated spectra in 90 modular directories, eg Oxides, Polymers, Glasses, Semiconductors, Damage... Compare Databases. Read the A-Zs of SpecMaster Applications.

User List
   This partial list of SDP and SpecMaster database users reveals the very wide versatility of XPS.  Review our site, test our demo software and let us hear from you. Feedback always welcome. Advice by phone or E-mail. 

Useful Tables & Spectra Sets
   The "Fundamental XPS Data for Peak-fitting" chart is a unique and vital source of FWHM and BE info.  Free Data Tables  include BE Look-Up Table,  C 1s BE Table, Carbide BEs, Plastic Glove Contamination Table, AES KEs and Atom % Table for Native Oxides.... Free Sets of Spectra showing uses of SpecMaster Database.  Analysis of NIST SRD 20 XPS collection of BEs.

PDF Books, Charts & Contract XPS Service
     Fully annotated PDF Spectra Books of The Elements and Native Oxides, Vol 1A, and Commercially Pure Binary Oxides, Vol 2A  are fully labeled with extensive linking.  Wall charts (2x3 ft to 4x6 ft) and laminated desk charts help peak-fitting and analysis setup. XPS data analysis now available.
E-mail us at:    XPS-services@xpsdata.com

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